We have 5 well qualified Engineers who provide after sales support and regular equipment maintenance services because our motto is “SERVICE IS MORE THAN A WORD” On this principle we tend to satisfy our customers with full support and prompt costumer service.


We deal with the medical device manufacturers to help them so they can enter new markets quickly and cost effectively. We always Hire experienced Engineers with a global view.we always give our 100% in everything we can do to get you in line for approval as quickly as possible.

Global market

There are many different qualified consultants who can help you but ELATE can help you prioritize and access most of the healthcare institution. We have consultants different which can access local market intelligence, established industries and also most of local business customs. In most of the cases, having local expertise is the different. You don’t need to hire multiple consulting firms just give us “One call.” and we will be at you door step.

Experience with Device

We serve a huge number of medical devices and clients demand a huge variety of products too. Our consulting team has experience with specific device . Our consulting expertise deals especially in areas such as orthopedics, cardiovascular, dental, radiology, wound care and ICUs.

Control over devices

Never get stuck with a poorly performing distributor Many Organizations use us as their independent regulatory representatives.

Safe to use

It’s a critical issue for new and innovative technology in market. Elate has nothing to gain by sharing your information with others. When you are working with us, your manuals, documents, and project related files,certificates are made secure, password protected web-based platform accessible only to our employees and key consultants working on specific project. Your data will always remain private and confidential and none of it is stored on desktop computers where it could be stolen or lost .Everyone working on your project has access to the same updated information online.

Projects budgets

We always critically analyze and track the number of hours spent on each project and use this knowledge to more accurately estimate new projects budget and time. The majority of our projects demand you only pay for the hours we spend on your project and finish within the original budget. We make it convenient for you to pay by billing you in your local currency.

Updates and reviews

We have dedicated project management team.We all use the same project management platform. We always provide frequent updates on projects so you know expected time to completion, and the remaining budget.In addition to this, we always have a fresh set of eyes to examine accuracy and completeness before they are sent to our client. Our all departments have documented work procedures,reviews and surveys to help us improve ongoing efficiency. Independent consultants and distributors rarely offer this level of quality control.