Product Description

Medima S

Basic model, extremely simple to use. Operates in: ml/min, ml/h and ml/24h.

Calculates flow rate basing on volume and delivery time.

In addition, can store in memory up to 120 drug names. Displays one throughout infusion.


Medima S1

Infusion flow rate programmable in ml/h and other frequently used units including: ng, µg, mg, µU, mU, U, kU, µmol, mmol, mol, / kg / min, h, 24 h.

Numerous infusion modes such as: continuous infusion, intermittent infusion, infusion with profile (up to 24 cycles).

In addition, can store in memory a drug library of 120 full drug dosing protocols, but without infusion parameter limits. Displays drug name throughout infusion.

Comprehensive configuration options: advanced protection system, night mode, alarm options.


Medima S2

All options of Medima S1 plus drug library with limits applicable to all infusion parameters.

Soft limits (min max) warn when recommended values are exceeded but do not prohibit the introduction of changes. Hard limits (min max) disable introduction of any values from outside prescribed range.


Medima S-PCA

Designed to fight against acute pain. Equipped with a patient-operated button which starts the delivery of programmed drug dose and a syringe cover with a lock.


An option to switch to standard infusion modes same as for model S2.

All options of Medima S2 including drug library with infusion parameter limits.

Versions with or without syringe cover.