Product Description

The surgical lights EMALED 300 D is suitable for both operating rooms and treatment. The Model 300D is designed for mounting on the ceiling and provides the user with excellent handling with the best light for surgeries and examination.

The light from 28 LEDs with a illuminance of 100,000 lux and the work area of 150 mm, produce a shadow-free illumination of the surgical field. The good color rendering index of Ra 95 and the near sunlight range of 4,500 K in conjunction with the “cold” light ,the light without infrared and ultraviolet radiation provide a high contrast and detailed view of the wound.

With its easy to maneuver and easy to fix body, in combination with the unobstructed and full rotation around the vertical axis, the illumination of the surgical area is perfectly assured. The long life of the LEDs and the low power consumption ensure low operating costs. EMALED surgical lights are highly economical and provide the best light output.