Product Description

Our surgical lamp EMALED 560 has a diameter of only 61 cm and with a luminosity of 160,000 lux , it is one of the smallest and brightest surgical lamps in this class.

The LEDs produce a near sunlight spectrum of 4,500 K with a CRI of 95 without heating the surgical field with infrared or ultraviolet light. Through our technology, our EMALED surgical lights are ideally suited for laminar flow ceilings.

The control of luminosity (10 – 100%) and the size of the work area are controlled directly on the body of the lamp or optionally using a wireless controller. The special suspension of the surgical light provides optimal mobility and thus for comfortable work environment.

The surgical light EMALED 560 is also available as a double light 560/560 and can be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply with storage battery, that allows an operation time of about 4 hours without mains connection, with its built-in battery.

Bright, high-contrast light and low maintenance and operating costs characterize the surgical light EMALED 560.