• Monitor

    In ad­di­ti­on to the ad­van­ta­ges of the AED, the AED-M is equip­ped with a mo­ni­tor for dis­play­ing ac­tion time, ECG curve, heart rate, de­tec­ted VF as well de­fi­bril­la­ti­ons ge­ne­ra­ted and BLS in­struc­tions. The high-re­so­lu­ti­on mo­ni­tor en­su­res that the de­vice can also be used under dif­fi­cult con­di­ti­ons.  


    A se­pa­ra­te ECG cable and stan­dard ECG elec­tro­des can also be used to pro­vi­de cost-ef­fec­tive mo­ni­to­ring.


    • Voice prompts in 4 lan­gua­ges
    • Fre­e­ly selec­ta­ble lan­gua­ge packs
    • 6 year li­thi­um bat­te­ry
    • Com­pact flash card, ECG view­er
  • The new fully automatic companion for all emergency situations.

    Saves lives. Fully por­ta­ble. Fast. The oc­cur­rence of sud­den car­di­ac ar­rest can­not be preven­ted. But the con­se­quen­ces can! The per­son af­fec­ted has only a few pre­cious mi­nu­tes left for a chan­ce of sur­vi­val. The new tech­no­lo­gy de­ve­l­o­ped by PRI­ME­DIC means that even fewer steps are re­qui­red for first ai­ders: this is be­cau­se the fully au­to­ma­tic HeartS­a­ve AS au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly de­li­vers an electric shock – pre­ce­ded by an au­di­b­le warning – if the de­fi­bril­la­tor de­tects life-threa­ten­ing fi­bril­la­ti­on. The tech­ni­cal ad­van­ce: there's no need to press the shock but­ton. In an emer­gen­cy, all first ai­ders need to is to per­form car­dio­pul­mo­na­ry re­susci­ta­ti­on and apply the HeartS­a­ve AS de­vice's ex­tre­me­ly ea­sy-to-use, pre-plug­ged Sa­ve­Pads (elec­tro­des). Ea­sy-to-un­der­stand voice prompts then guide first aid per­son­nel step-by-step through the res­cue pro­ce­du­re.

    Sudden cardiac death – every second counts!

    Sud­den car­di­ac ar­rests are cau­sed by life-threa­ten­ing fi­bril­la­ti­on. And it can hap­pen any time and anyw­he­re: at work, at home or out on the play­ing field. In­iti­al care for the pa­ti­ent in­clu­des car­dio­pul­mo­na­ry re­susci­ta­ti­on, but this is not en­ough to stop fi­bril­la­ti­on on its own. The only thing that can stop it is early de­fi­bril­la­ti­on, i.e. tre­at­ment using a con­trol­led im­pul­se that is de­li­ver­ed au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly by the HeartS­a­ve AS as nee­ded, which can en­su­re sur­vi­val.